Back to Back Shelving Systems (Heavy Duty System) are storage systems that have widespread economic use. It aims to maximize the use of space in the warehouse area by creating maximum storage space for businesses. It provides maximum space saving with its modular structure.

It is designed to store pallets. Each pallet can be easily placed and moved independently. It provides the opportunity to work with the forklift.

Back to Back Shelving Systems, which upright height and beam length can be adjusted according to the needs and demands of the customer, have a wide usage area from the smallest warehouse to the largest and complex centers. Due to this feature, it has a wide usage area in many industrial areas and product groups.

Another important feature of Back to Back Shelving Systems is that they can be used in combination with other Shelving systems, allowing the products to be stored for a variety of purposes.

There are many add-ons and accessories in this system. With the help of these accessories, businesses provide their products to be stocked directly or by putting them in preservatives such as boxes and drums.

The beams are securely attached to the poles with the hoof structure used.

Back to Back Shelving Systems have a strong and rigid structure, so they protect the product stored against crushing and other damages.

Beam and tray thicknesses are determined according to the type of product to be stored. It provides flexibility in the width and height of the upright and beams. System parts are cleaned with the help of phosphate bath and coated with electrostatic powder paint and baked at 200 ℃. This system can also be used in coolers.