Our company, which has been serving in the production of shelving and hardware systems since 1965, is among the leaders of its subject in Turkey with its Gökdoğan brand and is known for its reliable, high-quality products. Our wide range of products consists of storage shelvings, steel shelvings, mobile archive systems, workbenches and modular building systems whose patents belong to our company. Since 2009, our work as The State Supply Office (SSO) supplier continues. Also, our company has been serving the defense industry sector in recent years.

Our company, which has adopted the principle of delivering quality, affordable products and the fastest way to maximize customer satisfaction, has documented its success in the quality management system implemented in all its units with ISO9001:2015, ISO14001-2015, ISO45001-2018, FEM ( European Materials Handling Federation) certificate.

Our Mission

Is to be the pioneer with innovative works by following the domestic and international sectoral developments while providing the best service to our customers, and to produce shelving and storage systems by offering optimum solutions to our customers with the latest technology.

Our Vision

Is to go one step further and provide better services and products to our customers, without sacrificing the understanding of quality, by taking into consideration the demands and requirements of the sector with ours young and experienced staff and meticulous working system.

Our Quality Policy

As a company aware of our social responsibilities and environmentally friendly:

As Gökdoğan, we aim to provide the best service and product to our customers. In this direction, we know, commit, and adapt our policy to make continuous development and improvement in all processes we manage,

Aware of the necessity to increase the knowledge and skills of our employees are constantly revising the processes, supporting them and providing training opportunities,

To reduce our costs and increase customer satisfaction by following our principles of quality, efficiency and timely delivery,

To build our company culture in a structure where information is easily shared and new ideas are encouraged to support the sustainable improvement of quality,

To comply with the laws and regulations,

To comply with ISO9001:2015, ISO14001-2015, ISO45001-2018, FEM ( European Materials Handling Federation) standard requirements,

Providing a healthy and safe working environment for the personnel, to work at the priority of Occupational Safety,

To inform our suppliers, visitors and customers about their Occupational Health and Safety responsibilities, to prevent pollution for air, soil, water and other natural resources and to ensure that natural resources are used economically,

To make studies and improvements to increase the environmental awareness of our employees and suppliers, to fulfil their legal responsibilities related to the environmental aspects that have occurred.